Conference Room Automation

Top Conference Room Automation Solutions For World-Class Companies

Improve the experience of conducting meetings by automating simple tasks like pulling down the projector, sliding down the projector screen, dimming the lights, closing the window shades and much more.
Conference Automation

Fully Integration Control Solution

One single touch is all you need to set up a winning presentation. We provide a simple conference room automation solution for everything from lights to projector lift, projector screen and shades all into a single integrated system. Of course, no two businesses are the same that's why we offer flexible solutions which will be tailored to your specific business technology requirements.


Getting ready for that critical meeting in your conference room? Have your receptionist or secretary set up the conference room easily from their desk by dimming the lights, turning on the AC, closing the window shades, pulling down the projector and screen and creating that perfect ambience to conduct the meeting.


  • All devices are WiFi / Radio Frequency equipped IoT devices.
  • Scheduling / Timer Setting Possible.
  • Specialized Apps for Mobile / Tablet.
  • Single Click scene control.
  • No CAT6 Cabling.
  • Easy Retro Fit Modules.