Hotel Automation

Truly Comprehensive, For The Time Ever.

Our solutions for the first time answer all your needs. Dazzle your customers with Automation for their rooms, Efficiently control 100's of Ligthing objects in Banquet halls or Automate your Air Conditioning to adapt to temperature and make substantial savings.

Control Efficiently

With your Ballrooms and Banquets getting grander by the day, take control to a new size and dimension. Our clients now control hundreds of lights and other appliances with a single tap of their fingers.

Stay free to pursue more important responsibilities.
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Save Energy

Cubical Smarthome technologies work in combination with your Air conditioning (VRV/VRF/AHU) systems making sure that your guests neither get a cold feet, nor a hot head. Through inputs temperature and humidity sensors Cubical products ensure that your Air conditioning runs automatedly and like clockwork.

Thus saving upto 20% of your energy bill!
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Online Dashboard

hotal automation analytics

Get microscopc insights and set smart reminders on consumption from our dashboard.

Impress Customers

Improve the costumer experience you provide by giving the control of their rooms at the tip of their finger. Get help in managing checkouts or room service through an intutive interface on a Tablet or a Smartphone. In addition, we customize our application to best represent your brand to your consumers.

Tailor made, for you personally.
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Let's create the next generation of Hotel Automation